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Tom Jellie (Comber N.Ireland)

Best wishes to band for up and coming engagements + big Hi to Ewan. If I am nearby I shall if permitted call in to your rehearsal some evening :-)

Tina Mcgrattan( nee Masters) (chester)

I haven,t looked at the website for a while due to having no computer,I noticed someone is thinking about the history of the band I would like to know as well.I have a photograph of the bluecoat school on open day 1929.which became the band of today.

James Pearson (Shropshire)

Just wanted to say what a great site you've got. A special hello to my little friend Susan Evans who plays cornet with you. She had the wonderful honour of being engaged to my best mate Rich, or should that be the other way around? Suzie, love your shoes!

Gillian (Stockport)

Sorry to hear your result on Saturday, and sorry I didn't get chance to see you in the bar after... very disapointing! Hopefully I will have chance to bob in and catch up over a pint in the very near future! Best Regards Gillian

Paula (Blackburn)

hi all Just been looking at Rob's wedding pics. Looks like it was a 'right good do'. Hope you are all well. Was going to call in at half term but you were all slacking and having a night off. Catch up soon... P x

donna (chester)

title suggestion blue coats and blue notes

Julie Dickinson (Manchester (Denton))

You guys off to Pontins? See you there for a beer and good luck! XXX

Simon Holland (Jackfield Band)

Really enjoyed being involved in the recording at the weekend, thought the band sounded really good! Like the Photo's - apart from the one of me caught unawares! Best of luck at Pontins. Simon.

Rachel Ratcliffe(Eaton) (Chester)

Hey Alison yeah I do remember you cutting our lawn with shears..get in contact [email protected] Hello to the rest of those that know me glad to see the band is still doing well.

James. S (Portsmouth)

just a quick hello, glad to see the band is still going strong.

judith (Holywell)

Well done you lot!! Hope your busy preparing for the next biggie - isn't that the Beer Fest????

kenny (chester)

nice web site and wel done on ur competition @ blakpool

Paul (Denton)

Like the website. congrats on your placing in Blackpool, did not get to see you as I was in the fourth section hall all day. best wishes Paul Denton Brass

Chris Jones AND EMILY (Cefn Mawr (WREXHAM))

Hello CHESTER BAND. Im in a lot of pain at the moment as EMILY (tereena's daughter) has just thrown quite a few snowballs at my head (little tinker!!!!!!!). anyway we just wanted to say hello and to wish you all the best of luck - not only for the contest but the journey too (ha ha). hope all goes well it GOOD LUCK!!

jessica b (chester)

great website havn't been on in ages!

Brian Milkins (Warrak (near Ararat, Victoria, Australia))

Surfing the internet I came across your website which I think is very newsy, interesting and up-to-date. I am the current M.D of the City of Ballarat Municipal Band a band of some 35 members located in the western region of Victoria, Australia. Ballarat is a lovely city and it is the place where brass band contests commenced in Australia. Keep up your good work and I hope your website may encourage or stimulate some other bands to upgrade their websites to make them more relevant to this day and age. Brian Milkins

Keith Starkey (Warrington)

Nice website and good luck to you all. Regards to Robert and Mandy. Keith Starkey. Bandmaster, Warrington Phoenix Drum and Trumpet Corps.

Martin Donahue (Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA)

I am a member of the Knight Templar Band of Fort Wayne Commandry #4, Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have reason to believe we are the only KT band in the USA. I am in the process of trying to locate any other KT bands that might exist. Our band is a dedicated KT band but I gather from your website that you are more diverse. I hope to be able to get in touch with someone from your band. I have also sent an e-mail to the band. I will keep in touch with this site.

Aaron Penberthy (Carharrack & St Day Silver Band - Cornwall)

Hi everyone up in Chester. Great website looks really good, good luck to all band for future. Check out Carharrack & St Day Silver Band website Aaron

Alison (N.J. U.S.A)

I'ts great to see the band is thriving. Well done to all concerned. Hi to Rachael Eaton! remember when we cut your lawn with garden shears!! Hope you are well.

Lizette Edwards (Wrexham)

Hi T looking well on the website. Keep up the blowing!! Zette xx

Christine Champion (Stafford)

Hey All, Glad to see you are all still busy! Enjoyed looking at the Photos, there's certainly some very arty ones!! Keep up the good work, Chris.


It is with sadness that I here of the passing of Tec Hughes. I enjoyed playing in the City of Chester Band with him during the John Golland era.

Rachel Ratcliffe (Eaton) (chester)

Very nice web site. glad to see the band are doing well. hi to Mandy,Robert,Phil,Les and the rest of you who might remember me.hope to see you at the groves in the summer.

J Winterflood (Swindon Pegasus Brass)

Many thanks for the use of your bandroom on Saturday. It was appreciated very much by the members of Pegasus Brass and proved to be better than rehearsing at Pontins Camp. Once again a big thank you.

Tina Mcgrattan (Chester)

I have just visited your website again and think its exellent, My granddad was once a bandmaster many years ago I know he would be proud the band are doing so well.

Sue Massey (Dyffryn Nantlle Band)

Hi, very professional website - its excellent. Hope to come & visit you again soon

Andrew Hornsey (Swindon)

Great Result at Blackpool - Thanks to Mr Leach for the text based information service!! Good write up of the performance on 4 bars rest also. Shame the same can't be said for Swindon! Hi to all who know me!

Sam (England)

Hi...I think your website is very interesting. Great stuff!

Paula (Blackburn)

Well done at Blackpool! Was thinking of you all.... Didn't miss the early start but missed the fun on the coach! Here's to a good year of results! Paula x

Jon (Dubai)

Good luck at the weekend. Hope the adjudicator is good to you. Jon

Dan alderslade ()

cool website better than ours:)

Paula (Blackburn)

Just catching up with the news. Glad to see Jesica won the TB trophy - nice to see the enthusiasm is still there! Love to all! Will visit soon (you have been warned...) Paula x

Christine (Byron Bay, Aust)

Any room for a didgerieooooo player?

Cathrin C. (Switzerland-Brass Band Rehetobel)

Hello everybody! I wish you a happy new year and all the best. Cheers....

Naomi Cornish (Leyland Band- Principal Percussionist)

Nice new looking site!

Lisa Rose (USA)

Your web site-' ', the official website of " ChesterBrass Band", has been Great! I observe that Started in December 1998 the band website has developed from a simple promotional site, to an advanced information system for use of both you lot (the general public) and band members and that it provides everything from general history, event information to advanced band management facilities in the members area. The contents of your site like Main Band, training Band, etc are quite interesting and informative. I enjoyed browsing your site.The pictures featured on the site were really eye-catching.

Carol Shaw (BIBIC)

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed your music on Sunday, you were all superb! Obviously from the high standard of silly socks worn I will have to improve mine for next year. Hope to keep in touch and many thanks for supporting children with brain injury. Happy Christmas to you all Carol p.s. will send a copy of the photo

James Smith (Chetser)

it was fantastic

Christine.C (Franz Josef, N.Z)

Hey Guys. Well done at the Cathedral Concert.. family said it was wonderful & really enjoyed it. Am currently in Franz Josef and did a Glacier Hike today. Absolutely Amazing!! b4n xChris

Jean (Colwyn Bay)

Loved the concert, so good to see old friends again. Music was superb, atmosphere tremendous! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos on this rather excellent web site.

Christine C (Currently.. Sydney, Australia!)

Just thought I'd take a quick look at the website while I'm writing some e-mails! Glad to see you're all keeping busy. Hope everyones doing ok. Bye 4 now :) x Chris

Brian Dickson (Knaresborough)

Hello peoples!!!some of u know me at least-like the site. My legs haven't recovered from the wall walk yet so ta!It was fun though (kind of!)

Andrew Makinson (Manchester)

Good site - I have left comments for you regarding it's design etc. on alt.websites. Thanks Andy Mak

Andrew Cooper (Crewe; Roberts Bakery Band)

Like the site. Say hi to Phil Mottershead for me. Haven't spoken to him for ages. Hopefully I might see you in Blackpool. All the best. Andy

Alise (LA,USA)

Great site!!!

Michael Jupp (Perth Australia)

Hiya all, Found your site linked off waba site, thought i might have a peek, Just had nationals and states, we ( canning city brass) competed in A grade for the first time in a number of years, we got creamed, but its a start, anyway. Cheerio

George Robins (Godalming Surrey)

Fell in love with your beautiful City when stationed at RAF Sealand in 1961. Have family in Ellesmere Port and will look out for your Band when visiting. Would like to pop in for a blow some time (BBb)

Nia Lloyd Williams (Manchester formerly of Rhyl Silver band)

great website. Can anyone out there contact the Rhyl Silver lot and ask them to get their finger out re a website!!! I particularly enjoyed the contest card photos (am so glad Rhyl dont have a website cos i have some dodgy pics on my contest cards). hop you will be able to come to the Rhyl Festival Of Brass this year. if you need a guide let me know [email protected] Anyhow keep up the good work and if you need a sop player to stand in over the summer let me know

Bob ()

i love this website its great well done must pop along and hear you sometime

Rhian Alderslade (Blonde land! (home south yorks lol))

Hiya All! Chris told me bout ur website (gr8 by the way) so i thought id sign ur guest book....wheres helen's photograph?! im glad they dont put them on our website (muahahahaha) bye xxx ps luv the pictures and the website!!!!!!

Ian Clowes (Chester)

Debbie Drop me a line via the contacts area and we can discuss. Cheers Ian

Debbie Williams (Chester (OLDHALL BRASS PLAYER))

Just found your website,I spoke to you just before Christmas. I will get down and have a blow. I am the Manager at St. Theresas, if you want stickers selling drop them off and I'll get rid of loads. I might pop down to Mickle Trafford to help training band as I only live in Elton. Great Web site!

Ian Clowes (Chester)

The face on the contest card is Bill Stronach, who was the main percussionist with Chester for many years until very recently.

Rob Nesbitt (UK)

Great web site with plenty to look at...who is the face on the Contest Cards Photoos????

Ian Clowes (Chester)

Hey Nova Scotia Drop me an email - we might be able to tell some common stories, and maybe exchange banners or something! Bit too far for a joint rehearsal, this year anyway. Contact me through the contacts page. Ian

Frank Chislett (Halifax)

Greetings from the amazing bavarian stompers and glad you enjoy your regular dose of stomping at pontins. See you next year - keep music live. Check out our web-site good luck frank

Keith Jones (M.D Conwy Band.)

Hello everyone! Just discovered your web-site, and I must say Phil Mottershead is wearing well! But I expected to see him on BBb Bass by now. Whats happened to John Hallas? Happy new year, Keith (ex- Point of Ayr)

Don Burch (Chester Nova Scotia Canada)

Well this is a surprise. I am the president of the Chester Brass Band here in Chester Nova Scotia. Our band is +125 years young and we play an active role in our community. Chester is a village in beautiful Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia. We are true British Brass format and are currently developing our own website. That's how I hit yours. So it's nice to know that we have a twin namesake. If anyone of you are on holidays in our area, drop in to our bandhall or join us for a Monday night rehearsal. Cheers

Mr Windsor (Upton High School)

Hi there Phil this website is really good well done. Please come in and see us some time.

Ian Clowes (Chester)

Hey Robert and Pam, be great if you had any old photos or info as we are compiling a short history of the band. Drop me a line.

Paula (Home!)

Great Website - obviously taken a lot of time to do. Well done! The band should be proud. P.

Stuart Roberts ()

Just found your website, and thought i would mention that my late father was a blue coat school boy Donald DON Roberts playing cornet for many years with the band alongside your present MD Derek mitchell . I have many happy memories of going to rehersals as a young lad at the Blue Coat School in northgate st. and having to shake colection boxes at the groves during sunday afternoon concerts, then after in the often wet room under the bandstand empty and count the old penies . My dad passed away many years ago now but its pleasing to me to know that the band that he so enjoyed playing in is still going strong today. Thank You. 15th.January 2003.

Pam Massey (North Yorkshire...)

Will try and come down for a blow one day.. Last time I played was 1992 when we went to Germany...

Robert MacDonald (Warrington)

Well done Philip!!! The new site looks very professional, fact its superb :-) You should be congratulated, the quality of the site shows that a great deal of time and thought has been invested in producing it. Thanks and well done once more.

Christopher Clowes (Mickle Trafford, Chester)

This is alot better than the other website it is easier to follow than the other christopher

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